At the beginning of 2020, I switched from large-scale traditional oil painting to digital art. After 17 years of breathing the chemicals involved in oil painting ( it doesn’t help that I was also a mechanic for almost 10 years, and they are exposed to some toxic stuff ) I was getting terrible migraines and decided to go all-digital.

My new process is a pencil sketch, ink in the final design, then scan the drawing into Photoshop to finish up adding color.

The nice thing about digital art is that you don’t have to worry about storage. I used to have rooms full of paintings that would eventually get damaged from leaning on each other. Digital art can also be printed in many sizes which makes it easier to fit in different spaces.

I used to always struggle with the fact that I experiment with so many different styles and subject matter but somehow digitization has connected my work like it never had before.

If you’ve gotten this far I should explain my moniker “LillyBomb”. My grandmother’s name is Lilly and my grandfather was a grenadier in the war. The name is based on them originally, but over the years it has evolved to represent the constant struggle of Good vs. Evil, this is reflected in my work because even though they are cartoonish and fun they usually have a bit of an edge or dark side, like us all.



2024 – Solo Show – The Clare Michael – Tulsa, OK

2024 – Solo Show – Heirloom Rustic Ales – Tulsa, OK

2023 – Peoples Choice Award – Art Directors Club of Tulsa

2023 – Group show – Wompa – Tulsa, OK

2022 – Ballard VFW Mural – Seattle, WA

2022 – Playlist typography book

2021 – Hawks Nest Mural – Seattle, WA

2021 – LillyBomb art book 2nd edition book

2021 – Still not an architect book

2020 – LillyBomb art book 1st edition book

2020 – This One Time book

2019 – Mural – Private residence – Seattle, WA

2019 – Group show – Rose Temple – Seattle, WA

2018 – Mural – Private residence – Seattle, WA

2017 – Group show –  Amity Wine & Art Festival – McMinnville, OR

2017 – Group show – Microsoft headquarters – Redmond, WA

2017 – Installation “Blanket Fort” – Microsoft headquarters – Redmond, WA

2016 – SouthPark Bridge Wake Mural – Seattle, WA

2011 – Solo exhibition – Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle, WA